Fuel Saver For All 30″ and 40″ Grills


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The Arteflame Fuel Saver is perfect when you want to use your grill for just a couple of steaks, burgers or fish with some veggies. It minimizes the amount of charcoal / wood you need as it concentrates the heat to right under the grill grate. Now you can use your Arteflame Grill with just a minimal amount of fuel.

The Arteflame Fuel Saver ships flat and assembles in minutes by sliding the individual pieces together. The fire base is positioned so that you can either use 1/3 or 2/3 of the capacity. When using just 1/3 capacity in a 40″ grill, the center grill grate reaches 400F+ in under 8 minutes.

Place the assembled fuel saver inside your grill and fill it with charcoal. For added flavor, add wood chips / chunks to the charcoal. Using a LOOFT lighter, the fire is blazing hot within 2 minutes and the grill grate can be installed. Since the grill grate is right above the fuel saver, you’re ready to cook in less than 10 minutes. Super fast and simple.

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