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Looking for a way to keep animals from going under your shed? Our critterguards are the perfect way for you to do that! Easy and quick to install and offered in 2 different sizes depending on the width of your new shed. We offer for 10′-14′ wide sheds and 6′-8′ wide sheds. You might ask why the smaller guards are more expensive for smaller sheds.

Well – A foundation runner will always be placed at the very edge of each eave with wider sheds, meaning we only need Critter Guard on your shed’s Gable sides.

For smaller sheds that require less structural support, the runner will not be installed at the very edge of both eaves for hauling purposes, meaning critters can enter the underside of your shed on all four sides.

To put it plainly – wider sheds only need Critter Guard on their gable side, whereas narrower sheds will need it installed around the entire perimeter.

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