An Elegant New Mexico Gazebo

Project Type: Gazebo

We had previously had several flimsy, metal-frame and fabric roof with fabric screen sides gazebos from Home Depot. They didn’t stand up well against our New Mexico combination of wind and high-altitude sun. Also, our enthusiastic Labrador Retriever liked to run through their screen sides and tear them up. We finally decided to invest a little more in a quality, permanent structure.

There was a good spot for your 12-foot gazebo where our old gazebo had been, and we ordered it. Once upon a time we had lived in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, and my wife has family in the Reading area. As a quilter she has had many experiences over the years with Amish quilters, so we knew we were going to get a quality product from Amish craftsmen.

We scheduled the arrival of your kit for the time when our local handyman, Mark, would be available to put it together for us. I’m 82, so I decided not to take on the job myself (although I did help a couple of times). Mark and I were well impressed by how well all of the pieces were cut. With all of the angles that come up in an eight-side structure, everything fit together perfectly.

Mark also built some steps for us, covering over some pretty irregular existing stone steps. With these steps, we have been able to access our new gazebo and to enjoy it several times now for entertaining guests and for pleasant meals. It is indeed delightful.

I had originally thought we might stain it, but it would be a shame to cover up the beautiful grain of your cedar wood.

Overview provided by Jim, a wonderful customer living in New Mexico.

"...thanks again for a wonderful product."

Jim H., Sandia Park, New Mexico

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