Storage Shed Kits Crafted in Pennsylvania's Amish Country

YardCraft storage shed kits are the perfect solution for any home that needs extra storage space for yard tools, private office space, a workshop, or a playhouse for the kids. Our Amish woodworking partners precisely craft each piece for our shed kits so the parts fit together perfectly. Amish shed crafsman.We work closely with Amish craftsmen to create YardCraft products.


Amish Craftsmanship in Every Kit

We work closely with Amish craftsmen to create our YardCraft storage shed kits. Each kit comes with detailed instructions, pre-drilled holes, and all the parts you need for hassle-free assembly. And if you need help while assembling your storage shed kit, you can contact our customer support team for assistance.


Planning Your Foundation

Building your YardCraft storage shed kit on grass is not recommended due to ground settling and long-term moisture exposure. That means you’ll need to prepare a foundation for your new shed. A level concrete slab or a bed of crushed rock can form a solid foundation. You can also use footers under the posts to ensure the shed is level. Read more in our FAQ.


Preparing for Assembly

A YardCraft storage shed kit will require a minimum of two people and approximately 8 hours to assemble. For safety, we always recommend having at least two people available to perform the build. The actual time it takes to put your storage shed kit together will depend on the kit you choose, the total number of people working on your project, and your skill level and comfort with the required tools. YardCraft kits can be assembled common tools used for home maintenance.


Keep Critters from Living Under Your New Shed

If you live in an area that has issues with skunks, groundhogs, wild cats, or other nuisance critters, the last thing you want is for them to make a home under your new shed. Critter Guard is a simple, low-cost solution to keep animals out of this space, and it’s easy to install.


What Makes YardCraft Storage Shed Kits Better?

Compare any YardCraft build-it-yourself outdoor structure to a kit from a big box store, and you’ll immediately see why our kits are better. YardCraft provides: – Amish craftsmanship – Quality building materials – Simple assembly instructions – Packaging designed for order of assembly – Attractive styles and size options – Free curbside delivery in the continental U.S. – Unmatched customer service You can’t get that from a big box store. Try YardCraft and you’ll see the difference.


Are You an Exterior Contractor?

If you’re looking to add shed building to your home improvement services and are considering YardCraft storage shed kits, visit our Guide for Home Exterior Contractors for information about shipping, stamped and sealed drawings, and more.


Order a Kit Today and Get It in About 10 Days

We provide free curbside delivery for storage shed kits to any place in the continental United States. Delivery time depends on location and availability of the selected kit, but most kits ship within 3 days and arrive within 10 days.