The Forge™ Smokeless Fire Pit


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The Forge™ is the premiere Smokeless fire pit from Urban Fire™… and it is BIG. With an inside diameter of almost 30″, The Forge can handle more fire wood than any other smokeless fire pit on the market. The Forge is fully collapsible, making it easier to pack up for easy storage, or on the go. We used science to create a better atmosphere for you and your family around the fire. The Forge pulls air in from two sources: protected air holes in the base, and through hollow legs. The air gets pulled inside the bottom of each leg. As it rises through the leg, the air becomes super heated as your fire’s internal temperature reaches up to 1,500°F. The super heated air is expelled through the top of the leg, right under the top ring, mixing with the smoke coming off the fire. This ignites a secondary burn of the smoke, nearly eliminating all visible fumes coming from your Forge. Add any of our accessories that take advantage of our Multi-Purpose Channel that displays your favorite color fire glass, like the Adjustable Swivel Grill, The Blade™ Searing Attachment, or the Channel Guards. With The Forge, the future is limitless!


Whenever you purchase an Urban Fire pit, Your First Fire’s On Us! (See details below in product features).


For a smaller option, see The Hearth™, also part of the Urban Fire™ Collection.

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